Daphne in Winter CD
(Karen and Amy Jones)
Release date: July 2009

Debut album by Karen and Amy Jones. Contains 8 original, fully-produced tracks.
CD contains "Backstage" password with access to song chords, preview tracks from the next album, and more.

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Daphne in Winter online
(Karen and Amy Jones)
Release date: July 2009

Album tracks available online from these retailers. >>


Original Artwork by Amy Jones

One-of-a-kind original pencil drawings with mats. Art + Music Special Offer: receive a discount when you purchase artwork + CD!

$7.00 - $12.00
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2008 Philly LOVE Compilation CD
(Jar Records)
Release date: Feb 2008

"Spend A Little Time" is track #2 on this compilation CD featuring up-and-comers from the local Philadelphia scene.

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Chill Out: East Coast Edition Vol. 6 Compilation CD (Quickstar Productions)
Release date: Jan 2008

"Spend A Little Time" is Track #14 on
this compilation disc full of East Coast acoustic performers with a wide range
of musical styles.

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Discover new music!

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** Shipping costs for artwork will be slightly higher due to special packaging.


Did you know...that Karen and Amy are obsessed with CSI? The one with Grissom, Warrick, Sanders and Stokes. They're hot.

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